Special Effects

Here you can find a variety of tools and special effects that are used in our shows.

Poi (fire balls on chains):

"Antispin" By Poi
A Performance With Poi

Partner poi (a special kind of performance with poi in pair):

Partner Poi
Partner Poi

Triple poi and snakes (a kind of poi):

Triple Poi
Triple Poi (At Left) And Snakes (At Right)
A Performance With Snakes
Fire Snakes

Fire Swords:

Fire Swords
Fire Swords Fighting

Fire fans (a metallic structure, which reminds a fan and has 5-6 needles, the ends of which have lights):

Girls With Fire Fans
Fire Fans (An Item "Carmen"
A Performance With Fire Fans
Fire Show With Fans

Staff (stick that burns at both ends):

A Performance With Fire Staff
Fire Staff. Fire Show

Double-staffs (2 sticks that also burn at both ends, but slightly shorter than the staff):

A Performance With Double Staffs

Dragon-staff (stick, both ends of which have a structure with 5 lights):


Fire rope (a large one and small ones):

A Big Fire Rope
Small (Usual) Fire Ropes

Fire hula-hoop:

Fire Hula-hoop (At Left) And Ropes (At Right)


Palm torches (small "torches" that are fixed on the palms):

A Performance With Palm Torches (Fire Show)
Fire Dance With Palm Torches

Fire breathing (blowing of fire):

Fire Breathing
Fire Breathing
Fire Breathing

Flamethrower ("gun" that shoots with fire in 5-7 m):


Fire cube:

Fire Cube
Fire Cube

Fire pyramid:

Fire Pyramid
Fire Pyramid

Fire sphere:

Fire Figures: Sphere And Cube
Fire Sphere

A fire DNA (or spiral - a unique construction, length of which is 3 metres, rolled by two actors):

Fire DNA. Fire Show
Fire DNA (spiral)

Fire hearts (small hand-held ones, an average hand-held one, standing large ones):

Small Fire Hearts
A Middle Fire Heart
Big Fire Hearts

Fire inscriptions and logotypes (see more here):

Fire Inscription - Blazing Names


- pyrotechnic poi:

Pyrotechnic Poi
Pyrotechnic Poi
Pyrotechnic Poi
Pyrotechnic Poi Show

- pyrotechnic staff:

Pyrotechnic Staff
Pyrotechnic Staff
Pyrotechnic Staff
Pyrotechnic Staffs

- pyrotechnic fans:

Pyro Fans And Fire Figures
Pyrotechnic Fans
Pyrotechnic Fans Show
Pyrotechnic Fans

Pyrotechnic standing wheel:

Pyrotechnic Standing Wheel

Pyrotechnic hand-held wheel (dynamic):

Pyrotechnic Hand-Held Wheel

Pyrotechnic show with ground flashes:

Pyrotechnic Flashes
Pyrotechnic Flashes
Pyrotechnic Show With Flashes
Pyrotechnic Show With Flashes