19/Sep, 2013

The Unique Fire Show at Your Wedding

Fire show, fire breathing, fire fans, Amur, Charda, Fire Theatre, wedding, Fire Life

We present you a programme which lasts 12 minutes. The video is shorter because the beginning wasn’t recorded. So the partner poi spot, duration of which is 3.23 minutes, is absent on the video.

pyrotechnic, fire cube, fire show, wedding, Kuzan, Serednje, Bogolvar

First you can see a fighting with fire swords. Then there is a short scene with double staffs performed by 2 boys. It slips into the next more dynamic one with poi. A girl with fire fans comes out as the music changes. After that the most interesting part starts: fire breathing, immediately after that the pyrotechnic staff gets lit up. Then the girl with pyro fans appears on the scene. She reminds of a butterfly which flies around with sparking wings. The next what you can see are 2 phases of pyro-poi. After this there goes on one more portion of sparks with red and green flame.

At last you can see a unique pyro wheel (which is unique not only for Zakarpattia Oblast, but for the whole Ukraine).

After the show young marrieds take small fire hearts and light a big one. It’s a very romantic and unforgettable moment.


The show is accompanied by fire flashes from fire generators. At the background 4 pyrotechnic means are used (pyro colorful, 4 meter flashes, 7 meter flashes and fountains).