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ужгород, озеро, команда Фаєр Лайф.

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Фаєр лайф - Варош
іонелла на джамперах

The "Fire Life" Theatre is a crew of professional, charismatic and talented actors, who wil take care of your holiday and will turn it into the real fairy tail.

Fire Life - ex-gymnasts together with plastic and flexible girls. We are permanently refine ourself and develop our skills, work out, attend master classes - we want every second of the show to amaze the audience.

Fire Life - choreographic programmes with acrobatic stunts. We strive to show you not only the ability to cope with the fire, but the real theatrical performance.

Fire Life - an individual approach to each client. We take into account your wishes and always ready to find something special just for you.

Fire Life - moderate prices. We want the show of high-level was accessible to all, and therefore we have a flexible pricing system, as well as various discounts and special offers.

Fire Life - is the quality earned with experience, as we more than 3 years are the best in its genre in Transcarpathian Region. We reached up fire show in our region to a new level. Arguments:

- We first started to use pyrotechnics in the show;

- We first showed the show on ice (ice skating) in Zakarpattia oblast;

- We first started to use fire shapes (cube, sphere, pyramid);

- We first entered the great tradition of using fire inscriptionsmachines and installations, as well as pyrotechnic units;

- We gave birth to some other collectives;

- A great variaty of tools, including an exclusive FLAMETHROWER;

- Not to list all our advantages - order our show and you will see everything on your own eyes)))

Корти, команда вогню Фаєр лайф. Ужгород. Кочут Юрій, Рома, Ігор, Іра. Катя, Сашка.

Young, but already professional fire dancers. Everybody has gone in fire performing for more than 3 years.

Everyone trains with 1 or 2 prime tools and several additional tools.

Тренування фаєр шоу театр вогню "Fire Life"

We invite everybody who wants to join the new unordinary movement.

More details about everyone you can find here.